8 Thrifting Tips to Keep You Happy

A day on the hunt!

Processed with RookieI am a thrifting junkie and I admit it.  My favorite places are old, eclectic vintage shops with tons of clothes, records, furniture & lamps. I have always been a lover of the 60s and 70s aesthetic, there is just something about the bright colors and geometric prints that I really inspires me. Who doesn’t love to find that perfect vintage treasure? I sure do – through all my days of thrifting adventures, I have learned to always prepare myself with a couples items to make the day go smoothly.

1. Make a List

I always jot down ideas of things that could work in my space or DIY projects I’m working on. Right now, I am looking for vintage cocktail glasses for my bar cart.

2. Arrive Early

The old adage is right – early bird does get the worm!

3. Bring Essentials

Small Tape Measuere, Notepad & Pen, Scarf, Water

4. Swatches

I like to keep little swatches of paint & fabrics in my notebook so I can reference hues and patterns in items I already have.

5. Camera

Take pictures! It helps to inspire creativity and maybe you should run back and grab that mirror that would fit perfect in your entryway!

6. Be Open Minded

Always have your creative thinking eye on full alert on when thrifting. A fresh coat of paint can help the most dingy of items. Items like bottles & wire baskets can easily be turned into lamps with a simple light kit from a hardware store. Look for unique colors and patterns you don’t traditionally see. Check the bottom of glass and dish ware to see where it was made.

7. Be Patient

Think about where and how a piece can fit into your space. If you are on the fence about it, sleep on it. If it is something that truly represent you and your style and you can’t stop thinking about it, get it – life is short. Enjoy the little things that make you happy.

8. Keep Searching

That perfect items you are searching for is out there. Whether it is the perfect vintage Kilim rug or an antique vanity set. Keep your eyes and ears peeled! That perfect piece could be right around the corner.

What are some of your most treasured thrifting finds?

Xo, Lucia

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