Sea Change

Santa Cruz, California – A picturesque beach town located South on Silicon Valley  with a famous Boardwalk, bustling surfer culture and a hip music scene.

Seth, Bayla and I took a trip to Santa Cruz! We arrived Friday evening and walked a couple miles along the coast and saw the Boardwalk lights glistening on the ocean water in the distance, it was so beautiful. We let Bayla run on the beach, one of her favorite things to do.

DSC_0340     DSC_0391


The sky was a beautiful orange, purple and pink mixture. California beach sunset are truly hard to beat! We grabbed dinner at Hula’s Island Grill and headed over to the Catalyst to see Sturgill Simpson – OH MY THAT VOICE! The show was incredible, I am sad I didn’t get any pictures!  Saturday morning, we walked on the beach and got to the Boardwalk as it was opening at 10am. We decided to take the skyline lift across the park, as soon as we got on and our feet were dangling 30ft above the ground, we were feeling pretty scared! We headed to the 5th oldest roller coaster in the United States, The Giant Dipper. It was an old rickety wooden roller coaster – but still fun. The look on excitement on Seth face as we rode the rides was totally adorable and heart melting.

IMG_7277    Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


We grabbed Bayla and headed to the beach – it’s so funny she knows the word ‘beach’ – Santa Cruz has an amazing beach area where dogs are allowed, Bayla had so much fun running with all the other mutts. We explored the beach and jumped around on slippery rocks.

IMG_7367     IMG_7377

IMG_7362     DSC_0651


We headed across town to Aldo’s Harbor for a DSC_0678fresh seafood lunch. We walked along harbor, there were giant jacks blocking the waves – they were so interesting looking! We laid out on the beach for a bit while Bayla chewed a stick. We packed up and headed home. Santa Cruz left me lusting for the laid back surfer beach life, luckily it is only 45 minutes away!

Xo, Lucia

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