Calling all Curls!

Hey Curly Friends!

Between my mom and I we have tried all curly hair products; everything from cheap drugstore products to expensive Moroccan oil treatments. Whether you are a guy or girl with curls; having the right products and using the right tools are key.

There is one company that truly knows curls – DevaCurl !!! They have a haircut of course know as the DevaCut. They cut the hair dry – it seems crazy but it works, because they  understand the curl pattern and cut off only what is needed to really shape the hair.

Here is the after of my DevaCut, I was really pleased, she did a great job (Maria at Paizley’s Salon)


These are the main products I use. From L-R, the No-Poo every 3 days or so. Everyday with the One Conditioner (it can be used for leave in too). After showering, I use Supercream then the Ultra Defining Gel. My hair is very thick, it requires a lot of moisture and product to make the curls not frizz. I use Mister-er Right when my curls need a pick me up – like after the gym. These are my favorite curly hair products, having tried MANY, these are highly recommended. Let me know what you think if you have tried them!


Enjoying these curls!


Take Care,



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