7 Reasons to Visit San Francisco

San Francisco is absolutely breathtaking and a must see on any travel bucket list! It is rich in history and vibrant in character. It has a mystical quality to it and truly is a magical city with so much to offer. It is packed full of local gems and well known attractions. Here are aContinue reading “7 Reasons to Visit San Francisco”

East Coast Mountain Escape

Whew!  I had a whirlwind weekend of fun in the mountains of North Carolina. I was there to celebrate the marriage between two wonderful friends.  I arrived in Raleigh, NC at midnight on Thursday and more than happy to see my family! I have missed them every single day since we moved away.      Friday, myContinue reading “East Coast Mountain Escape”

5 Easy Hikes in the Bay Area

Seth and I love to get out and explore during the weekends – and of course give Bayla a chance to be free and roam around. We typically have activities planned in the evening so we like to get easy hikes & sightseeing in the morning. One of the great things about the Bay area, thereContinue reading “5 Easy Hikes in the Bay Area”

Sea Change

Santa Cruz, California – A picturesque beach town located South on Silicon Valley  with a famous Boardwalk, bustling surfer culture and a hip music scene. Seth, Bayla and I took a trip to Santa Cruz! We arrived Friday evening and walked a couple miles along the coast and saw the Boardwalk lights glistening on the ocean waterContinue reading “Sea Change”

8 Thrifting Tips to Keep You Happy

A day on the hunt! I am a thrifting junkie and I admit it.  My favorite places are old, eclectic vintage shops with tons of clothes, records, furniture & lamps. I have always been a lover of the 60s and 70s aesthetic, there is just something about the bright colors and geometric prints that IContinue reading “8 Thrifting Tips to Keep You Happy”

Hello World!

Life is a whirlwind of sheer fate and coincidence and the winds have taken me from beautiful North Carolina to magical California. There is so much to share about this wonderful place! I recently came across a quote, “California take a lifetime to experience properly, that’s what makes California so great.” Those words spoke so trueContinue reading “Hello World!”