Napa Valley Vibes

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Our west coast crew took a trip up to Napa Valley, California to celebrate a batcholor/ette weekend! It was absolutely perfect weather. Here are some snapshots from the trip!

IMG_7040IMG_7043IMG_7050IMG_7069IMG_7080First stop was Andretti Winery – we tried some unfiltered Cabernet straight from the barrel, it was one of my favorite wines of the day!IMG_7092Second stop was a quick tasting at Pine Ridge Winery, a classier upscale winery. My favorite was the Syrah blend.IMG_7101IMG_7119IMG_7124IMG_7142IMG_7143Matt & Audra – soon to be bride & groom!

Artesa Winery was on the top of my list of wineries to visit in Napa, the pictures explain why. 360 panoramic views of Napa Valley’s wine country, unbelievably beautiful!

IMG_7200Stopped at this adorable & popular brunch stop leaving town – Alexis Baking Company.


Sunset drives through the winding rows of grapes vineyards are absolutely stunning, highly recommend a trip Napa Valley region any time of year!

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